Stealth Black 2nd Gen Design

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Have you ever wished there was an alternate styling to the traditional white AirPods everyone owns? Our team at DynCustom saw the need, and answered. Introducing Stealth Black Wireless AirBuds, the latest trend in Bluetooth Technology.

Stealth Black

Stealth Black 2nd Gen Model (2019)


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Frequent Questions

  • Q: Why buy from DynCustom?

    A: Over the past few years, DynCustom has grown from a small, home sized business into an enormous empire. Customer security is our #1 priority, we ensure this by using highly encrypted servers as well as "state of the art" checkout security.

  • Q: Do they have good range?

    A: DynCustom's Wireless Earbuds have a bluetooth range boosting system built in, this ensures improved range and high quality audio.

  • Q: Are they compatible with Android?

    Yes, our Wireless Earbuds are compatible with both Android and Apple IOS.

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